Art From Around The World

Pilot project for a new 10-page section where people from around the world can submit images for publication in the Bodypainting Artventures magazine

We had many people asking us how they can submit their bodypainting photos and artwork to the Bodypainting Artventures magazine. In the fifth issue of the “Bodypainting Artventures” magazine we will be piloting a new 10-page “Art from around the World” section where our readers can submit their images for publication considerations.

Submission details (deadline to submit images is February 25th, 2024)

  1. Up to a maximum of 3 images of your choice can be submitted. There is no fee associated with submitting the images
  2. No AI generated bodypainting artwork, all submitted images must showcase bodypainting by real artists on real people (note: it is acceptable to use Photoshop or other editing programs to enhance the photos or to use AI generated backgrounds in post processing of the images)
  3. Image resolution must be at least 3500 pixels on the longest side (full resolution image submissions are preferred)
  4. If submitting a JPEG file, must use highest image quality setting
  5. Submissions must be sent via WeTransfer (Google drive or Dropbox) to AND (using hotmail and gmail addresses reduces likelihood of e-mail going to junk folder on both platforms)
  6. All submissions must follow strict file naming conventions to be acceptable:
      • Event and date/year must appear in the filename (please write event name in full, do not abbreviate). “EventName_YEAR”. If it was a private project, use “private_project”
      • Must give credit to the photographer as follows: “photographer_FirstName_LastName”
      • Must give credit to the artist and creative team as follows:
        • “artist_FirstName_LastName”
        • “assistant_FirstName_LastName” (if applicable)
        • “makeup_artist_FirstName_LastName” (if applicable)
        • “head_piece_design_FirstName_LastName” (if applicable)
        • etc…
      • Must give credit to the model (if model is known) as follows: “model_FirstName_LastName” OR ““model_ArtisticName”. Note: some models do not want their full names published due to protect their privacy, please ask the model how he/she wants his/her name to appear

This is an example of a good filename:


This is an example of a bad filename: “WBF_photo1.jpg”

Brief introduction to North American copyrights

  1. In US/Canada copyrights to the photo/image belong to the person who took the photo. If you are the photographer, you can simply submit the images. If you are an artist/model/other you must first obtain permission from the photographer to submit the images for publication in the Bodypainting Artventures magazine and its associated media platforms
  2. For most events and individual projects you must have a signed model release form as well. Note: many major events have models sign a model release form before they can participate. Be prepared that we might ask you to confirm that you have a signed model release form, especially for individual projects (you don’t have to send a model release form with your submission; however, be prepared that for the top 10 entries that will be published you might be asked to provide one after the selection process is completed but before final publication)

Publication process

  1. Top 10 (or more, depending on final page layout) images will be selected for publication in the Bodypainting Artventures magazine under the “Art from around the World” section
  2. If your photo was selected as top 10, you will receive a digital copy of the magazine issue in which your photo was published
  3. You don’t need to resubmit images every year (maximum of 3 images can be submitted per year/issue), the pool of images will automatically transfer to next year/issue for the “Art from around the World” section selection