Our Amazing Team

Dmitri, Diana, Julie, Sarah, Michael

Dmitri Moisseev – Studio Director, Photographer, Videographer, Editor in Chief

Diana Moisseev – Marketing Director, Model, Photographer, Videographer, Editor

Julie Boehm – Creative Composer, Artist, Model, Film Director

Sarah Kampitsch – Writer, Model, Blogger

Michael Lessard – Photographer, Editor


We Love Fine Art Bodypainting

Capturing Colorful Magic Through The Lens

We love bodypainting!

Our story begins many years ago when we have discovered fine art bodypainting. It is such an incredible and creative artform that only lives for a day. We have been traveling the World capturing the magic of bodypainting through photography and video. Last year we have decided to put together our first magazine publication titled “Bodypainting Artventures”. With help from our fans and amazing Kickstarter supporters we were able to raise 178% of our funding goal and “Bodypainting Artventures” magazine went from a dream to reality. The first issue of the magazine, as well as our other past and current projects, are available on the “publications” section of our website. 

Since the magazine came out, we have received so much positive feedback that we have decided to make it into an ongoing annual publication. Our team is currently working on putting together a second issue of the magazine that will have many new original and colorful living artwork for everyone to see.