Advertising with the Bodypainting Artventures Magazine

Details on how you can place advertising materials in the Bodypainting Artventures magazine

Bodypainting Artventures magazine is the biggest annual publication solely dedicated to the art of bodypainting. This magazine was launched in 2019 by Dmitri Moisseev, two-time World Champion Bodypainting Photographer, with four issues published to date and fifth issue to be released in Spring 2024:

  • Issue 1: 152 pages
  • Issue 2: 164 pages
  • Issue 3: 172 pages
  • Issue 4: 200 pages

The magazine is published simultaneously in both digital and print-on-demand formats. You can view a full digital sample of Issue 1 here: Password: vip2019

Advertising costs

We limit advertising materials to a maximum of 4-6 pages in the magazine. This offers more exclusivity to the companies that advertise with us and also preserves a very nice look and feel of the magazine itself that many compare to a book quality. Our current advertisement offers (payments via PayPal are preferred):

  • $1,100 USD for a full page ad (vertical format) in the Bodypainting Artventures magazine, issue #5 (to be released in Spring 2024)
  • $600 USD for a half page ad (horizontal format)

Benefits of advertising with the Bodypainting Artventures magazine

Second issue of the Bodypainting Artventures magazine

  1. Targeted Audience. Bodypainting Artventures magazine caters to a niche audience interested in bodypainting, body art, makeup, SFX accessories, airbrush equipment and bodypainting competitions. Advertising with us allows companies to reach a highly targeted demographic passionate about these specific products and art forms. Our main Art Fashion Studio Facebook page (Bodypainting Artventures magazine is one of the publication projects by Art Fashion Studio) has 16,000+ followers:
  2. Brand Visibility. By advertising in a specialized magazine like Bodypainting Artventures magazine, companies can increase their brand visibility within a community that actively engages with bodypainting and makeup. This exposure can lead to greater brand recognition and awareness among the magazine’s readership.
  3. Showcase Products Creatively. Bodypainting Artventures magazine provides a unique platform to showcase paint and makeup products in creative and artistic contexts. Companies can demonstrate their products’ versatility and quality through the stunning visuals and artistic expressions associated with bodypainting.
  4. Association with Creativity and Artistry. Aligning with a magazine focused on bodypainting and artventures can enhance a company’s image by associating it with creativity, innovation, and artistic expression. This association can appeal to consumers seeking unique and artistic approaches to using makeup, paints and other products.
  5. Exclusive Marketing Channel. Bodypainting Artventures magazine offers exclusive advertising opportunities that aren’t available through mainstream media. This exclusivity could provide a competitive edge and a more focused platform to promote products. Advertisements appearing in each issue of the magazine are also currently limited to just 4-6 pages maximum.

    Bodypainting Artventures Magazine Issue #3

  6. Collaborative Opportunities. Companies advertising in the magazine may have a chance to collaborate on editorial content, sponsor events, or partner with artists featured in the publication. Such collaborations can further strengthen brand positioning and relationships within the bodypainting and makeup communities.
  7. Unique Distribution Approach. Bodypainting Artventures magazine special distribution approach allows it to reach wider audiences:
      • Select artists, models, photographers, event organizers and influencers get sent a free digital copy of the magazine once it is published
      • Digital copy of the magazine is available from multiple outlets and partners (such as World Bodypainting Festival) increasing the visibility of the magazine
      • Print-on-demand copy is available in most countries globally via MagCloud platform.

Contact and additional information

To place an advertisement with the Bodypainting Artventures magazine or to obtain more information please contact Dmitri Moisseev, Editor-in-Chief, at:

  • AND (sending e-mails to both Hotmail and Gmail accounts reduces chances of them both ending up in junk folders as Microsoft and Google use different spam filtering algorithms)
  • +16137965236 (regular call/message if you are in Canada and via Whatsapp if you are located internationally)